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I just wanted to write in and thank you so much. During my spring break trip this year I was exposed several times to second hand smoke and my drink was spike at one of the parties. When I returned home I was informed that I would need to go in for a Random UI. Needless to say I was scared out of my mind if I failed this test it would totally have messed up my life. Luckily a friend told me about your site and your products and I logged in to order a product, but there were so many to choose from I had no idea what to choose. So I called the 800 number and was answered first ring and the person helped me to choose the Never Fail 180. He also answered many of my questions and calmed me down I got the product followed the directions and passed my test. Thank you thank you thank you.
- Stacy, Chesapeake VI
I am very excited that I passed my test. Where have you guys been all my life? I wish every other stress in my life could be resolved so easily. Feel free to use me as a testimonial anyday...
- Theresa, San Bernardino CA

When my husband told me that his job was ordering that he take a drug test I was very worried. We both smoke on the weekends and sometimes on weekday nights. There was no way he would ever pass a drug test! I found your website online, called up your company and was happy to say that I dealt with a very nice salesperson. He recommended I buy
the Never-Fail cleanser. I overnighted the order, told my husband to take it and low and behold he passed the test. Thanks so much for being so helpful and making my hubbie pass!
- Denise, Fayestteville NC

I was extremely stressed out about my wife and I getting divorced and started using temporarily. I was told that I had to take a drug test before court in a week. A friend told me about your site and I got the stuff I needed to come up 100% clean. Without your products I wouldn’t be able to see my kids just for a momentary lapse in judgment. Many Thanks!!!!
- Robert, Wichita KS

My roomates and I are habital smokers. We both have drug tests coming up! We loaded up on your products and they worked awesomely.
- Jim and Scott, Glendale AZ

Your products work and I love it. Thanks a million for being in business and selling products that work.
- Jake, Oceanside CA

Ive taken prolly 4 drug tests in the past. The place I usually go to shut down, and I dont like going to other head shops i dont know real well. Found your website on a search and bought about a $50 drug cleaner. It worked so i guess I have a new place to get this stuff when I need it again. You have a new customer hope you appreciate it!
- Daryl, Sioux Falls SD

I was a casual smoker of marijuana, and the fact that I had to stop smoking just doesn't seem right to me. However, I decided to pass the possible drug test the old fashioned way by stopping for at least 30 days. However, your website has an excessive amount of very useful and detailed information in the FAQ section. After reading through this information I decided to purchase the Nutra Cleanse permanent kit so I was sure to be clean. Thank you for helping me get through the test and clean my system out your products worked for me.
- Nick, Tucson AZ

OKay, so I like to smoke and some people have been telling me that I'm going to get drug tested. Luckily I know something they don't - I know about drugtest.org! So, I'm all good!
- Nicole, Springfield MO

To All non-believers out there! This stuff really does work. I looked everywhere and searched every single site I could for 2 weeks. I read everything from how the GC/MS testing works. read and read and read. Broke down and bought from these guys because they had believable information and they answer the phone! You may have to call back in a short time, but they will answer during the hours they say. I was nervous so I called and asked them question after question after question. I told them I I needed a one day cleaner they would not let me down. The offered up the "Never Fail" It came with Super P and Super Fizz or something. I knew had I taken the test I would have failed with using something. I KNOW FOR SURE. I smoked every single day and lots on weekends. So, I ordered it...I read the instructions word for word a hundred times. I knew I could not mess this one up 84k job from a 58k job (ya this was big) I did exactly what it said, and used the advise the guy told me (stay clean for 48 min) and went and peed in the time limit it said --- I was still a little nervous so I went to Walgreens and bought a do it yourself home Marijuana test - and passed ( felt little better) but then went directly to the lab, peed...two days later......I have a new job and I know cause I looked at my file laying on the desk today...results for a 10 panel test -NEGATIVE. You guys rock!!!!! Now if you don’t mind I am going to take a toke - I deserve it for landing such a good job. USE IT, AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR GOD SAKES, THIS SHIT WORKS
- Charlie, Las Vegas NV

After many years of smoking many different things I woke up one day and decided to live a cleaner life and get healthy. One of the first things I did was to stop smoking after reading the information provided on your site and order the Nicotine Detox program because I thought that by removing the nicotine from my system as fast as possible it would be easy to stay smoke free. When I received my kit I followed the directions and stuck to the diet (very easy to follow) and not only did I feel better at the end of the program but my cravings for cigarettes were almost gone. Thank you for helping me to clean the nicotine from my system. I have told several of my friend s about your site to try to help them to stop smoking too.
- Matt, Denver CO

When I found out that I would have to go in for a pee test for my new position I was a bit taken aback. After looking online at the huge amount of different products and sites out there I saw yours and it was full of useful information. After researching I choose a permanent program and decided that I wanted to remain clean after the test. Followed the instructions and the diet and passed my test. Thank you for providing a useful and informative web site with products that works.
- James, Tacoma WA

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