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Permanent Body Detoxification

Hundreds of thousands of people have been helped by the incredible and affordable drug test kits, detoxes, and other drug test readiness products available on DrugTest.org that help them pass a drug test.

Our secret is that we do not have a secret—the products we sell and give our stamp of approval to pass a drug test don't mask toxins a drug test for employment would pick up—the line of products at DrugTest.org literally remove the toxins, allowing you to pass a drug test. It's that simple.

The permanent solutions are a combination of the premium cleansing products for detox, drug test kits, and cleanses for employment. Every single one of these detox products come with easy to read instructions and a recommended diet and fluids list. We guarantee that this easy system will purge the toxins from your system between two and six days depending on your usage levels. Choose the product that is best for you below or call 1-877-247-1354 for help.

Permanent Body Detoxification Timeline

Permanent Cleansing Products

Receive 2 free toxin test kits of your choice with any permanent cleansing kit order.

Extreme User ProgramSuper strength cleanser able to permanently clean the body of urine and blood toxin build up. Designed for the extreme (daily) user. This 5 day body detoxification program permanently removes toxins instead of masking them. This ensures a positive outcome to test results--your body will know how to pass a drug test with this on board. Program includes 2 FREE drug test kits of choice.
$109.95 Order

Heavy User ProgramPowerful cleaning solution enabling a permanent cleanse of toxins in the blood and urine to pass a drug test. Complete 4 day detoxification program to be used by heavy (1-3 times a week) user. This kit comes with 2 FREE drug kits of choice.
$99.95 Order

Moderate User Program High quality drug test cleanser used to permanently clean the body of toxins in the blood and urine. Complete 3 day detoxification program created for the occasional (1 time every 1-2 weeks) user. This kit includes 2 FREE drug kits of choice. This is how to pass a drug test in time for moderate users.
$79.95 Order

Light User ProgramComplete 2-day program created for the light user looking for how to pass a drug test in time for employment or for personal reasons.
$59.95 Order

ENTIRE BODY CLEANSER - Hair-Urine-Blood Cleansing ProgramBlood, hair, and urine cleaning programs.Removes all toxins for the moderate to heavy users to pass a drug test.
$149.95 & up Details

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