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Need to pass a drug test?

You've come to the right place. You may be here because you need to pass a hair, blood or urine drug test, or simply because you'd like to detox your system for personal reasons. Regardless of your motivation, we want you to know that your privacy is our top priority, and you can feel safe purchasing any of our drug detox products with the highest level of confidentiality online today.

The detox products available at DrugTest.org are NOT A COVER UP--there are no masking agents used, and no adulterants that will cause you to fail a drug screen. Using synthetic urine is a dangerous, illegal choice with serious consequences. Why not clean your own body, create clean urine, and in the process, get out toxins that may cause you to test positive for marijuana or other drugs? There's no faster or more legitimate way to do it than with the detox products and natural cleanses available on DrugTest.org.

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Nutra Cleanse
Our featured and best selling permanent entire body drug test cleansing kit. We only stock and offer the highest quality and most effective toxin cleansers that are guaranteed to the highest degree. Our cleansers achieve an entire body detoxification to pass a drug test, ridding your system of all drug toxins. We stand by our cleansing solutions as they physically alter your makeup of blood cellular tissue, effectively cleansing the body's urine and blood compounds. Our Nutra Cleanse kit comes with a body detox diet plan, regimen of fluids and our entire body detox cleansing solution. We guarantee you will pass a drug test using our exclusive line of drug testing solutions!
  $89.95 Details


Super CleanP


Super CleanP Need to pass a same day drug test?Want to know how to pass your drug test? Using our exclusive and renowned Super CleanP complete with our 200% Money Back Guarantee, you'll pass any drug test! It just takes 1 hour to start working, and works for at least 5 hours! This product was created for heavy users that have a high level of either fat content, or existing toxins in their system. We ensure you'll pass any urine drug test using our top selling Super CleanP. Knowing how to pass a drug test has never been so easy!

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Two Steps Ahead

  "Two Steps A'Head" Conditioning Shampoo Pass your next hair drug test guaranteed. This is our newest and exclusive hair drug test cleansing solution. Our cutting-edge cleanser deeply penetrates both the hair cortex and shaft removing ALL toxins and any type of contaminating residue. 100% safe for colored, treated or permed hair. Your order includes our 100% money back guarantee.
  $79.95 Details

pass a drug test

We understand at Drugtest.org that our clients expect the highest level of product and service from us. Learning how to pass a drug test is time consuming, and taking a drug test can be very stressful. Finding the right company and detox product to pass a drug test on the Internet can be confusing and loaded with false claims from companies who don't have your health or your best interest at heart.

Our goal is and has always been, to provide you with the information and products that are best suited for your unique situation when trying to pass a drug test—everyone is NOT looking for the same thing in a drug detox, and everyone is NOT in the same exact situation. You can feel confident in knowing that each drug test cleanser you'll find with us has been put through rigorous testing and reviewed by our in-house, certified team of toxicologists. Our toxicologists have created these solutions from ingredients used in detoxification treatment centers around the world and methods used by doctors to cleanse patients of toxins for over 20 years. In addition, our team members are real people who know how to pass a drug test based on real experience, not a massive collective just out to make money. We care about the results that each individual attains with our detox products.

DrugTest.org drug test kits for early and accurate detection are a popular choice. These testing kits can be used at home or employment to test for alcohol, amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, nicotine and more. Drug testing kits on DrugTest.org can also be used in conjunction with detox products so you can know you're 100% clean before you even leave to take your test! Knowing you're body has detoxified in a healthy way will allow confidence when testing, and also allow peace of mind where your health is concerned. You'll also sleep easier knowing you have a healthy, tried and true detox kit for next time.

All of our drug cleansing products come with detailed directions and phone support to ensure you pass any blood, hair, saliva or urine drug test. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can also be reached during working hours on our new live chat, where your question is guaranteed a prompt answer.

Your satisfaction and continued support is our priority. We encourage our satisfied clients and supporters to LINK to our website. To gain more information on passing your drug test visit the Pass a Drug Test website.

Your future is our priority, and we pride ourselves on making it possible for millions of people just like you to meet and exceed their goals.

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