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Hair Follicle Drug Test: Treatment Programs

Your hair is a popular testing point for drug screening because it shows all the drug activity from the last time you cut your hair short to the time of the test. When drugs are taken, small deposits attach themselves to the follicles in your hair. As your hair grows, the deposits remain, which is what they test for in hair drug test.

Okay, now that we know what they look for, what do we offer to get rid of it? Our hair cleansing products will dissolve toxins during a two-hour treatment that tingles when it starts working like a dandruff or tar shampoo. Your hair will be completely cleansed of toxins when the treatment is completed. The cleanser itself is also untraceable because it does not leave behind any deposits.

Hair Cleansing Products

"Two Steps A'Head" shampoo and conditioner This top formula is very popular with our customers because of its proven track record. Hair treated with this product remains clear of toxins to give you ample time to take your hair drug test. This strong formula penetrates the hair shaft and cortex. Removes all toxins, contaminants and medical residue. Two Steps A Head is pH balanced and
safe for permed, colored, or treated hair.
$79.95 Details

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