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Same Day Cleansing Solutions

Our same day drug detox kits allow you to quickly cleanse your system of toxins and successfully pass a drug test the same day! These home detox products are designed to perform a temporary cleanse that lasts up to 6 hours from when you finish taking the product, giving you plenty of time to pass your drug test. Perfect for last-minute situations when you do not have time to complete a full, permanent cleanse using one of our permanent drug test detox cleansers.

Very Important: When Researching How to pass a drug test online: Other detox websites sell products designed to mask or dilute your urine samples. These are detectable by modern drug testing facilities and do not work!

All same day cleansing kits come with a 100% money back guarantee so you can pass a drug test with ease and confidence.
Same day detoxification timeline

Same Day Cleansing Products
All of our same day cleansing solutions are 200% money back guaranteed.
Never Fail - 100% Success Rate! Take the day of your test and be clean for up to 6 hours! Professional same day urine cleanser providing powerful drug and alcohol detox for individuals with high body fat levels, high toxin levels and high (daily) usage. Complete system includes everything you need to know how to pass a drug test fast!
$89.00 Details

45 Minute Chewable Tablet - Moderate-Heavy user!Contains one chewable tablet that cleanses for 5 Hours! 99.99% Success
Rate for passing a drug test!
$49.95 Details

Super CleanP - Extreme daily users! Included with our Never Fail complete same day cleansing kit, Super Clean P makes 1 liter of powerful detoxification cleansing drink. It will successfully cleanse drug toxins for as long as 6 hours, and it is designed for heavy users with high toxin levels and high body fat levels to pass a drug test.
$49.95 Details

Crisis Capsules - Moderate- Heavy UsersModerate-Heavy users 10 extra strength Capsules! Lasts for 5 hours! Works
after 45 minutes! Now you know how to pass a drug test for sure!
$49.95 Details


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