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Blood Tests

Cleanse your blood of toxins with the best permanent cleansing program available today.

Our exclusive products truly cleanse your body of all toxins, unlike other products that contain a MASK. Our cleansing program alters the structure of your blood cells removing traces of drug toxin permanently. This product has been successfully used by hundreds of thousands of
customers. Drug Test.org offers permanent blood programs varying from 2-5 days based on your toxin level. Our program includes a mandatory menu regiment of essential fluids, cleansing tablets and herbal tonic.

Blood detoxification timeline

Blood & Urine Cleansing Products
Receive 2 free toxin test kits of your choice with any permanent cleansing kit order.
Extreme User Program Super strength cleanser able to permanently clean the body of urine and blood toxin build up. Designed for the extreme (daily) user. This 5 day body detoxification program permanently removes toxins instead of masking them. This ensures a positive outcome to test results. Program includes 2 FREE drug test kits of choice.
$169.95 Order

Heavy User Program Powerful cleaning solution enabling a permanent cleanse of toxins in the blood and urine. Complete 4 day detoxification program to be used by heavy (1-3 times a week) user. This kit comes with 2 FREE drug kits of choice.
$109.95 Order

Moderate User Program High quality drug test cleanser used to permanently clean the body of toxins in the blood and urine. Complete 3 day detoxification program created for the occasional (1 time every 1-2 weeks) user. This kit includes 2 FREE drug kits of choice.
$99.95 Order

Light User ProgramComplete 2-day program created for the light user.
$79.95 Order

ENTIRE BODY CLEANSER - Hair-Urine-Blood Cleansing ProgramComplete b lood, hair, and urine cleaning detox programs.Removes all toxins for the moderate to heavy users.
$149.95 & up Details

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