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Wondering how to be clean for a drug test? DrugTest.org wants you to feel safe knowing you're not alone—millions of others have scanned this very page, and for good reason: DrugTest.org is THE source for drug testing information and detox products, including cleansers and drug test kits. All of our detoxification cleansers come with a money back guarantee, and our drug test kits are the same test kits used by professional testing facilities. If you're testing for employment, or if you're applying to a job, knowing you're using the same drug test kit the lab is will have you breathing in a sigh of relief.

We offer all the main types of professional drug cleansers for removing toxins from your system as part of a new job drug screen or the beginning of a cleanse. Our detoxes and cleansers are made using all natural ingredients in certified American facilities. Using a scam product that just hides toxins won't get you far and it can even get you in very hot water. Take our word for it—after many years of experience, for today's advanced drug tests and testing methods, you'll need to learn how to evolve with the times; in this scenario that means using what works, not whichever drug test or detox that "worked" a decade ago. Drug test kits, cleansers, and detoxification products include:

Same Day Cleansing Kits
Start working in about 1 hour and cleanse for up to 6 hours

Permanent Cleansing Kits
Designed to permanently remove urine/blood toxins

Urine Cleansing Products

Hair Cleansing Kits
Designed to permanently remove hair toxins

Featured Products
NutraCleanse   Nutra Cleanse This is our top selling full body drug cleansing kit.High strength cleanser that will permanently cleanse your urine and blood of toxins. 5 day detoxification program that does not mask toxins -- it permanently removes them. Comes with 2 free drug test kits of your choice.

Drug Test.org's entire line of permanent cleansing programs come with detailed directions, phone support and self-testing kits to make sure you pass any urine, hair or blood drug test. Our certified toxoligists have created this solution from products used in detoxification treatment centers across the country and methods used by doctors to cleanse patients of toxins for over 20 years.

  $109.95 Details
Super CleanP  

Super CleanP Pass any same day drug test with our famous 200% Money Back Guarantee! Take the day of your test and be clean for up to 6 hours! Professional same day urine cleanser with the power to cleanse individuals with high body fat levels, high toxin levels and high (daily) usage.

  $49.95 Details
Two Steps Ahead   "Two Steps A'Head" Shampoo & Conditioner Use this complete program to remove toxins from your hair with no hair damage. Suitable for individuals with high toxin levels from extreme, daily use. This shampoo is undectable by modern drug testing laboratories. Works in 30 minutes from time applied. Lasts for 48 hours.
  $99.95 Details

Drug Testing Kits

A drug testing kit allow you to check your status at home before you take your test at a drug testing facility. This means that you will know for sure that you're clean before you take the test for a new job or an existing employer, eliminating stress and making the test experience as seamless as possible. Confidence is key in stress reduction, and that’s the added bonus of buying a high-end detox product rather than an out-of-date masking product.                                                                                                                                                                                                    
DrugTest.org offers a number of different types of drug testing kits, including single panel test kits designed to test for one type of substance exposure, and multiple panel tests designed to test for multiple substances at once. These kits are also helpful in determining the type of detox that will best suit you.

Home Test Kits include:

  • Amphetamines Test
  • Barbiturates Test
  • Cocaine Test
  • Marijuana Test
  • Methamphetamines Test
  • Nicotine Test
  • Opiates Test
  • 2 Panel Test
  • 5 Panel Test
  • 9 Panel Test

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