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Alcohol Test Kits
Single Panel Alcohol Testing Kits
Our alcohol test kits are cheap, easily operable saliva tests that are currently used by employers, rehab programs and courts. These kits take the concern out of testing by allowing same day "trial runs." When used in conjunction with Drug Test.org's other available cleansing products, you can count on an accurately predicted day of test results. Passing your test is our priority just as much as it is yours!

About Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a dependent disease and the cravings that an alcoholic feels can be likened to the most common staples of life such as water or food. Alcoholic's tend to continue drinking even if it puts their health, personal or financial priorities at risk. Studies do show that alcoholism does indeed run in a person's genes but can be further influenced by the lifestyle one lives. Who a person associates with, stress and how available alcohol is are just a few of the common factors that can increase risk of alcoholism.

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